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The Team

Who We Are

DoWon Kim

Founder & CEO

    DoWon, a Princeton alumnus with a strong academic background in Mathematics and Computer Science, started his career in finance and strategy, excelling as an options trading intern at Susquehanna International Group and in alternative data strategy at AQR Research. There, his key achievement was an impactful global telecommunications long-short portfolio strategy, later integrated into the firm's Global Equities fund strategy. Following his interest in poker, DoWon ventured into equity options trading at Citadel Securities, where he won the company's poker tournament.

    His early interest in Bitcoin led him to recognize the potential of cryptocurrency and prompted the development of his own crypto fund. This led to the establishment of Lindy Digital, a crypto trading engine operating in Austin, Texas, employing strategies such as MEV, cross-exchange arbitrage, and momentum and mean reversion market-making. Also concerned about the transparency of carbon credits, DoWon founded CarbonProof, a decentralized ledger solution for managing carbon footprints. In addition to his professional accomplishments, DoWon has also created innovative projects like Joy Luck, a food lover's platform, and Snip Rap, an app for sharing musical verses.

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