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At GenesisX, we believe that the best ideas and innovations come from the wildest imaginations and a no-excuses attitude. We're a team of rebels, disruptors, and problem solvers who are passionate about building AI companies. With our get-it-done mentality and a love for all things startup, we're here to conquer the world, one company at a time.

Ready for the future?

The Founders

Dowon Kim


Joel Ritossa


Dowon Kim's career has spanned both quantitative trading and tech entrepreneurship. After starting out as a quantitative trader at Citadel, he went on to found successful ventures in the fields of crypto, energy, and trading. Dowon holds a degree in Mathematics with a minor in Computer Science from Princeton University. Dowon's experience as an entrepreneur has given him valuable insights that he applies to make better informed business and product decisions.

Joel Ritossa is an experienced AI Engineer with a proven track record in Silicon Valley's tech industry. He has worked for C3 AI, a leading enterprise AI company, and has also held roles as a Systems Engineer at both IBM and the MIT innovation lab. Joel's academic background includes a degree in Computer Science with a focus on AI from Princeton University, which has provided him with a strong foundation in the field. With his extensive expertise, Joel is well-equipped to handle the deployment of complex AI software systems, no matter how challenging the problem may be.

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